Weaving is rhythmic, thread painting meditation that connects to the past, the land, and lost traditions.

Hand weaving is a richly rewarding and slow process as is the warp; all made by hand in the studio. Whilst weaving and preparing the warp, there is plenty of time to plan and develop the cloth Marie is weaving.

The cloth is often a one-off design with patterns created on the loom with bags, cushions or wall hangings in mind. This way of working ensures that each piece or item created is a stand-alone piece.
Each bolt of cloth that Marie makes is 100% wool.

Linings & backings (where used) are either cotton or silk, every piece is washable by hand with clear instructions. Some linings are mixed fibres, but details are shown.

Wall hangings and rugs are not recommended for washing.

When weaving rugs, the warp needs to be strong and linen is used for this; it is a very strong and natural fibre, perfect for rug warp.