Machair Weave is an artisan hand-weaving business owned by Marie Melnyczuk. Marie lives and works on the Isle of North Uist, one of the islands forming the Outer Hebrides.
North Uist is low-lying and sits on the outermost fringes of NW Scotland where it meets the wild North Atlantic.

Marie is a professional Artist and Weaver and works from her studio in Knockintorran on the very exposed west side of North Uist. Machair Weave takes its name from the land where Marie lives, the Machair on the North Atlantic coast.
Marie spends a lot of time outdoors all year round, collecting visual details and recording sounds of the concurrent patterns throughout nature. Marie’s work is abstract and expressive; her starting points are either a sound or a minute visual detail of the landscape.

I want to share what I experience living here; the seasons, weather, wind, birdsong, sea, rocks and flowers. The Machair is a unique and fragile eco-system. The land is eroding, biodiversity is threatened and many birds and insects are disappearing. The Machair is about rhythm; the seasons and the crofting cycle, man and land intrinsically bound in a perpetual cycle